I Waited

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 1995. All Rights Reserved.





I Waited


Late College

Written Time

Summer 1995

Copyright Year


Copyright #




Original Album


Studio - Engineer

The Park

Studio - Gear

Yamaha cassette 4 track

Other Musicians

Dan Goldstein - Guitar



This is yet another song about rejection and obsession. The lyric doesn't require much explanation and isn't that memorable. The person you were waiting for didn't call or show up. It's a straightforward song with a nice melody. Dan plays the main guitar. I can't remember which of us did the brief solo.

I waited for you that day in July.
I waited for you. I thought you'd arrive
I was much younger back then.
I thought you meant what you said.

I waited for you. I thought you would come.
And when you did not, I really was stunned.
I was just way too na´ve.
And you were a G-d I believed.

I waited for you. You did not come through.
Yeah I waited. I waited for you.v I still remember that pain.
And I'd only myself to blame

And now I know that I won't wait again.
You have taught me that waitings don't end.
Thank you for teaching me this.
Think of all the good times I've missed.