Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 1996. All Rights Reserved.







Late College

Written Time

1995 - 1996

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Original Album


Studio - Engineer

Knee Deep Studios - Charles Scott

Studio - Gear

24 Tracks - 3 chained ADAT 8 tracks

Other Musicians

Christian Kisala - Drums



Other Albums


The album Manchester was all written while I was in Manchester, England, but this song is about someone back in NJ. I'm not sure why I wrote about her, but I do remember who inspired it. We weren't close, and I had no real way of knowing if this would be her life, but it was a common enough life. Not everyone gets out of their home town.

When she was seventeen
she hardly thought of anything.
As weekends come and go
well life is just a fashion show.
Sweet days of alcohol
with boys who think they know it all
but don't know how to make her smile.

Her glory days of youth
went flying by they went so fast
the drunken evenings and the back seats.
The friends who came and went
the tragedies that meant
much more back then than they could now.

And university did not go well
she had to leave.
She went to find someplace better
but she's still in her house
while everyone has gone away.
The world is changing, she will stay.

She met him in a dismal bar
and never thought it'd go that far
but the ring was passed
a few months later.
But things did not work out,
surprise he disappears and
leaves her with rage but no tears.

And now she's 28
it doesn't mean that much at all.
The weekends came and went
and no one cares how time is spent.
Just more days of alcohol
with men who think they know it all
but don't know how to make her smile.