I Got Lucky

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 1996. All Rights Reserved.





I Got Lucky


Late College

Written Time

1995 - 1996

Copyright Year


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Original Album


Studio - Engineer

Knee Deep Studios - Charles Scott

Studio - Gear

24 Tracks - 3 chained ADAT 8 tracks

Other Musicians

Christian Kisala - Bongos and Vibraharp



Other Albums

Christian's Vibraharp solo is probably the highlight of this one. This is a Bauhaus and Joy Division inspired number. Instead of the joy of being "Lucky," it radiates the struggle to get there.

Somehow there was no connection
I was turned away.
I always lack direction
don't know what to say.
but sometime fate will smile on us all.

Somehow I lost what I wanted
thing all went to hell.
I just can't get what I'm after.
I miss the mark.
but some day we must truly have our way.

I got lucky

I dreamed I got what I wanted
but I can't recall
Just how I managed to win the
things that I had.
In dreams fate will smile on us all.

I had a glimpse of good fortune
held it for a day
but when I turned around
it had slipped away.
If you don't hold tight dreams slip away.

I got lucky

One day I got what I wanted
finally came to me.
I don't know how
but I've held on.
Sometime fate will smile on us all.

I got lucky