December Queen

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 1995. All Rights Reserved.





December Queen


Late College

Written Time

Summer 1995

Copyright Year


Copyright #




Original Album

Silent Bob

Studio - Engineer

Knee Deep Studios - Charles Scott

Studio - Gear

ADAT 8 track

Other Musicians

Dan Goldstein - Guitar
Christian Kisala - Drums



Other Albums

Silver Dust

I don't remember that much about this song, but it's a cute little rock/pop song with a catchy guitar riff. I vaguely remember showing Dan the guitar riff which he played better than I could, since at the time I was primarily a bass player. This explains the bass solo in which I was trying for Jaco Pastorius, but got way more Geddy Lee, given the genre.

The lyric is pretty dumb, but I didn't spend as much time on my lyrics back then. My singing isn't terrible, but the way I pronounce "me" is pretty goofy.

I included this song on Silver Dust a second "Best of" compilation.

I went out on a limb
for her again
and what has it gotten me

A little more grief
then a friendly speech
and then she's forgotten me

She seems to me the cruelest of them all
December Queen

We spent some time
in the park that day
I thought it might compensate

Her icicle heart
just couldn't perceive
she couldn't appreciate

No warmth could melt the snow upon her cheek
December Queen

Through winter months
she reigns supreme
there on her icy throne

Numb to man
and his feverish needs
deaf to his passion cries

Alone in her world
she shuns the sun
no warmth within her heart

Her skin is of ice
and her body is stone
Still there's fire within her eyes

The cruelest of them all she has to be
December Queen