Punk as Fuck

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 1995. All Rights Reserved.





Punk as Fuck


Late College

Written Time

Summer 1995

Copyright Year


Copyright #




Original Album

Silent Bob

Studio - Engineer

Dan's basement - Brian Wilson

Studio - Gear

Yamaha cassette based 4 track

Other Musicians

Dan Goldstein - Guitar
Christian Kisala - Drums



Other Albums

Silver Dust

This one pretty much speaks for itself. The band Silent Bob was somewhat punk influenced, and I figured I should contribute at least one song that was sort of punk. However, I wrote this song on the piano and it has more chords than a true punk song. Before we sped it up, Dan complained that it sounded like John Cougar Mellencamp. This song was sort of our take on "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" and sort of just obnoxious, in a stylistically appropriate way.

Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boy) recorded this on a cassette based 4 track in Dan's basement which actually fits the genre and song perfectly. The music was live and I did the vocal afterwards. The abrasive vocal completely fits the song, but I remember it being hell on my voice. I think there was a live recording of us playing this song at a CBGB's audition but I'm not sure what happened to it, and it was just a cassette from a sound board. This was 1995 and you didn't get a CD from the sound board back then.

I included this song on Silver Dust , another early "Best of" compilation.

Janie thinks that she really is special
Janie thinks that she's really the shit
Janie thinks that she really is someone
Janie thinks that she's really legit

Janie shaved off her hair back in August
Got her nose ring sometime in June
Got her labia pierced in December
And now she's the punkist of fuck

Yeah she thinks that she's punk as fuck
She just thinks that she's punk as, punk as fuck

Janie used to listen to Bon Jovi
After that she listened to the dead
But now she is oh so much older
and I wish she would give me some head

Janie thinks that she really is hard core
Janie thinks she's real underground
Janie thinks that she knows all the shit man
because she reads Maximum Rock and Roll

And she thinks that she's punk as fuck
she just thinks that she's punk as, punk as fuck